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02-03-2010, 10:37 AM
My feeling is we Klingons probably need to invest in more survival skills -- Medical Team, Engineering Team, Hazard Emitters, etc.

The problem with these heavy Fed fleets is that they're holding together better than we are. Even if we successfully flee from combat with Evasive and Battle Cloak, that's not helping get kills.

I swapped out my T2 Tactical with Rapid Fire for a T2 Engineer with Reverse Shield Polarity. I can't instantly blast down someone's shields but now at least when they throw out a Reverse Shield Poliarty and start repairs, I can do the same thing and keep in the fight longer and get back quicker.

So my T2 BOP loadout right now is:
Science -> Medical Team
Tactical -> High Yield Torpedo
Engineer -> Engineering Team I + Reverse Shield Polarity

Not only can I do some tanking but I can help out teammates in trouble, too.

I don't think EVERY Klingon should do this, because we do still need DPS, but I think engineers and science officer Klingons in particular should ponder a build like this. If we're all DPS we just don't last long enough against a well played defensive Fed team.