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02-03-2010, 11:38 AM
The mines that are laid by PvE enemies are pitifully weak in comparison to the mines laid by a player. Something I'd like to stress from the OP. A single torpedo is equal in damage to 3 mines. You lay 5 at a time. That holds true for both shield damage and hull damage. Assuming you're laying mines as fast as you're firing torpedoes and all of you're mines hit then:


A few other notes for why mines are great.
-Plasma mines have a percentage chance to proc the plasma dot for each mine. Meaning plasma dot is 5x more likely.
-Mines are effectively 360 degree firing arc. They can be fired out the aft and hit a target in front of you.
-Mines deal more burst damage. Sure you're target may not get hit by you're first set or your second set. But watch what happens when they fly through 3 sets of mines all at once. Ask your self would you rather fire 1 torp every 8 seconds or 3 simultaneous torps every 24 seconds?
-Mines are less likely to over kill weak targets. If it only take 2 mines to blow up a fighter you're other three mines will still be available to target something else.
-Mines interfere with players ability to target in PvP

Some reasons why mines are less than great:
-Mines are short range no more than 3-5km
-Mines clusters can be destroyed by other mines, torp spreads and HYT plasma torps
-it's practically impossible to target a cluster of mines through a hole in someones shields
-It's likely that not every mine will find a target so some damage will be wasted
-mines have a longer refresh so even though their damage is greater their overall dps is lower.

having said all of that for science and cruiser I always run with one mine launcher and am thinking of trying out two of them.