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02-03-2010, 10:40 AM
Originally Posted by ambience View Post
Well, I think I'm a convert now to the full beam method. In open/closed beta, I went with the beam/torp split, but after reading this I decided to try the 4 beams on my Excalibur after hitting Lt commander. I was finding that 2 beams and 2 torps just weren't cutting it because more often than not the torps couldn't fire.

Weapon/device wise, I ran with the following:
2x Blue Phaser from Gamestop Preorder Connie (same stats as a generic Mk II bank w/ 2% crit)
2x Phaser Mk II w/ 0.1 accuracy (green ones crafted in Memory Alpha)
2x EPS Mk II devices
1x Phaser Relay (+7.5 phasers)

As for power, I ran with this split: 95/40/25/40, and with my skills that ended up as 98/47/35/47 . For powers, I was an engineer and my Boffs were using:
- Beam Overload I (skilled to 9)
- Reverse Shield Polarity I
- Engineering Team I
- Science Team I

After doing all that, I headed to the Gorn fleet action at Lt Cmdr 1, and to my surprise placed 1st @ 3163, beating the next guy by about 650 points :

I only died once, and there were a few tense times where I was up against numerous cruisers and battleships, but the engineer shield powers plus my Boff skills were enough to pull me through. Basically my tactic was to just orbit the target, keep as many beams on target for steady damage, and fire beam overload when a shield facing was down (basically what I was doing with torpedos before), or if I wanted the extra oomph at any time. I also only had to use evasive maneuvers if my turn radius wasn't sharp enough to bring all my guns to bear for a broadside.

This is definitely the loadout for my LtCmdr cruiser I'll be taking forwards.

I have a similar setup but higher mk EPS consoles and Phasers. Works very well. With the EPS Consoles you can use Beam Overload and the power will come right back up in no time.