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02-03-2010, 10:51 AM
I love the threads that go like this: "As a Fed escort, I cannot solo or tank against 5 klinks who are playing as a team. This proves Klingon cloaking is broken."

I am one of those BoP pilots that loves to Battlecloak just to hear the screams of rage from the Fed players, and I have a few comments.

First: If you're a target of a Klink alpha strike, you won't survive without teammates healing you or unless you have a defensive ability like RSP or popping an evasive burst. I can flip that argument, and also point out if you're a single Klink in the middle of a Fedball that is focusing fire, you are equally dead just as quickly.

Second: This is a team game. You can't think of this as a solo game where your given ship class can beat every other ship class every time. Heals, buffs, debuffs...they're all important. In T2, the Feds have such a huge potential advantage in this that they could dominate the tier (like they did in beta) if they really wanted to. But doing this properly is my third point....

Third: This game is about skill. Very much about skill. Now it's true that as a BoP I usually consider Fed escorts to be a tasty snack...however I've flown against plenty of GOOD escort pilots who know how to fly their ships and who can tear me into pieces if I'm not careful. It's the same with cruisers and sci ships. It's very apparent to me which fed pilots know what they're doing, and which ones are spamming spacebar and not using effective BO abilities.

Fourth: Having Klinks run and cloak is what you want as a Fed. You want them forced out of combat...even order to focus down the remaining Klinks. If I get pushed off and battlecloak to escape, I'm now doing ZERO DPS for my team. The pursuing Feds won't get the kill against me, but they will immediately be able to push spacebar again and continue DPS against the remaining Klinks. If I turn around and engage again, the cooldown on battlecloak will leave me exposed (and very killable) for the next 20 seconds. And 20 seconds in a BoP is a lifetime. Forcing that Klink to run is a temporary mission kill...sure you don't get the epeen rush of an explosion...and sure it doesn't directly show up on the scoreboard...but you've neutralized that Klink. He's gone. He's not kllling anyone on your team. And he's left you to be able to more effectively focus fire on his teammates. He's just made it easier for you to do your job and get focus fire on the other ships. Remember...PvP is ultimately about effective dps and dps mitigation, and cloaked ships do zero dps.