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02-03-2010, 11:01 AM
Originally Posted by Lx31
The problem is Science vessels and Cruisers have huge reset buttons for hull and shields. All BoP and Raptors can do is run and cloak, while not regenerating shields. Auto-Fire almost completely negates the surprise from cloak, and mines get shot at by turrets. If you take more survival skills as a klingon, you won't break the ball and there is no point in playing. If you take more dps skills, mouth breathers using auto fire will kill the first 2 or 3 ships that uncloak before 1 fed's shields are down because we have paper thin hulls.

T2 is the end of casual fun pvp. You simply grind it and wonder wtf cryptic was thinking.
Personally, I'm a DPS BoP pilot...I think they should take all dps all the time. Once we get the T2 cruiser, I think it'd be worthwhile to have some of the buff/defense type skills...but not until then. I agree that if we don't go full DPS right now, the Feds will just blast us into tiny pieces with their mighty spacebar.

But you know, Fed players are crying that Klinks are massively OP and need to be nerfed. *eyeroll*