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02-03-2010, 11:32 AM
  1. While in space you can see a rough image of your ship with shields around it. To the left is a scaled bar for impulse speed. You can click anywhere in that bar to adjust your speed. At the top of this bar is an Up arrow. Press that to go very fast.
  2. To the right of your mini map is a little down arrow. Press that to see extra stuff like mail, C-store and to visit your bridge
  3. If you right click on your beam weapons their icon will acquire a green box around it. This indicates that you are in autofire mode. Click the spacebar ONCE and they will continue to fire until your target is destroyed. On larger ships you cannot set all of your beam weapons to autofire but through Lt. Cmdr this works great.
  4. You can give your Bridge Officers equipment by opening U, clicking their name on the left, then either dragging an item to their paperdoll open spots or by right clicking the item in your inventory and choosing Equip.
  5. Your Bridge Officers will use their inventory items during Ground Combat. Give them food, shields, weapon buffs or little fluffy pets and they will use them automagically.
  6. Getting tired of your Away Team getting stuck on furniture or structures while searching for items? Look at the top of the Group Bar for extra "things" your BO's can do. I like the Rally Point option. Simply click the rally point icon, then when your cursor shows the rally point ingame marker, click the ground. Your Bridge Officers will move to those positions and wait there until you clear the rally point by clicking the icon again.