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02-03-2010, 11:54 AM
Originally Posted by Axterix
I had the same issue in beta. I think it has to do with dismissing an officer that is on your away team.

The UI messes up. And there's no fixing it. Bugged it in beta, including providing info that I believed dismissing an officer was responsible, but I guess they never looked at it or managed to duplicate and fix it.

What I did discover though is that you can ignore what the UI says. If you set an officer in slot 4, he's there, even if he shows in slot 3 on the assignments page. Does make it a pain to know who you are replacing, but it is what it is.
Thanks for the response, I'll try tonight to disregard the assignments after I pick who I want on the team. It just seems like a bug that would be easy to spot and resolve. I wonder if it will put people in my away team even if they aren't on the list. For me It's not so much they move up or down the list, if I put that borg character in a tactical security officer pops up in the last spot.