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02-03-2010, 11:56 AM
Originally Posted by FleetCaptainGarth View Post
Star Fleet Command, Star Fleet Command 2, SFC: Orion Pirates, Star Fleet Command 3

Great games. Anyone else here that used to play them? Actually, I still have Orion Pirates on my computer.

I enjoy space combat in STO but it couild have taken a few more queues from SFC I think.

SFC was strictly a space combat game, considered real time strategy/simulator. The game was basically a real time iteration of the pen and paper Starfleet Battles. SFC gave you a bit more of a taste of what combat might actually be like in the Trek universe as far as the actual management of a starship goes. You actually had to manage your power levels, repairs, shields, etc. Manually giving power to one increasing power to shields, would make your weapons charge slower. If your opponents weapons penetrated your shields and hit your ship it could knock out a phaser bank, torpedo bay, tractor beam, etc and you had to pick and choose what to repair because you had a limited amount of spare parts. If you didn't have enough parts to fix, say, a rear firing phaser bank, you just had to do without. Tractor beams and shuttles played an active role in combat. General damage to your ship affected movement speed. You could allocate energy toward countermeasures. (energy management was pretty important) In STO, you pretty much just keep shooting all weapons until you're destroyed...even at 1% hull strength.

But STO is great in that its 3d. In SFC you fight on one attacking from over or under an opponent. An STO's graphics beat the pants off of SFC. Then, of course, there's the ground aspect and everything that comes with an mmo.

But, while I play STO I do still bring up SFC sometimes.
Love those games and still have all of them!!