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02-03-2010, 12:03 PM
Originally Posted by DreamGoddessLindsey View Post
There has been a lot of information given about shields, but I still haven't figured out which ones to go with. They all have their good points. I just can't decide.

Resilient Shields have the 5% absorb of course, which is nice but doesn't seem to do much unless I'm missing something. Regen shields may have nice regen, but heavy strikes from battleships can break them instantly. The strong shields have a lot more durability, but almost no regen rate, which also hurts during battleship battles with the lack of regen power.

Anyway, I plan on sticking with cruiser all the way, so really, which shields are best for my type of ship?
Good question Lindsey.

Considering the lack of Death Penalty I would just recommend you go with any of the above as death means nothing currently... In fact maybe dont equip one and just go ram into the enemy every 15 to 30 seconds youw ill eath through their shields in no time with no lasting damage to your ship or crew!