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02-03-2010, 12:11 PM
Originally Posted by Sentan View Post
why do u keep making excuses, to defend how unfair gameplay is, cause right now it stinks with the cannons setup like they are, not much of a 50/50 shot is there, all klingons have to do is cloak or run because of there speed. all they have to do to kill us is place all out cannons and kill us quicker then u can even get shield down to maybe 10-20 percent?
Ok, ok. I have already posted that I thought that it was an odd choice by the developers to kit out the klingon ships in gear that is ideal for their role including consoles.

T1 pvp has a lot of issues for feds, not the least of which being that they may not have bridge officers that are appropriate for pvp, and their default gear has a somewhat lower dps but wider firing arc which means that they have no opportunity to kill quickly even in an ideal positional situation except to use torpedos - if they are using torpedos they might as well use dual beams, which have the same firing arc.

I do play kdf... but I'm willing to admit that the miranda doesn't really stack up agains the t1 bop very well. 3 dedicated consoles vs 3 universal consoles means that the miranda is mediocre for every role, whereas the bird of prey can be 2 sci officers for a sci captain, and 2 engineering officers for an engineer, and two tactical officers for a tactical captain. Having two tactical officers permits a player to have two high yield torps, cutting that timer in half. Or beam overload + high yield torps.

I think the t1 bop could stand to come down a fair bit. It wouldn't really hurt the kdf much - we're only in that ship for 5 levels, and it would give newbie feds a break.

I really also don't mind the newbie kdf having a harder time. I want our side to be forged in fire.