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02-03-2010, 12:13 PM
Originally Posted by Cavthena
I dont think Cannons are over used. Over powered? maybe. But you could always grab an escort of our own and place cannons on it. :p

Yeah right. I fly a cruiser as well the "tank" class. ********. The balancing for klingons is more like revenge of the klingons. now the feds are the under powered side.

The klingons can cloak while in battle and dont tell me they cant because I watch them do it and Ive done it as well on my Klingon char. One of our escorts takes forever to bring there shields down on a BoP while our "tank" class must be using paper shields (mk 4 shields).

And YES we were in a group all fighting together and YES we all targeted the same bloody ship.

Looks to me like we have a 10% maybe 20% chance to make 1 kill.

If I sound angery good. But its not at the players its at Cryptic for failing at balancing. Im still wondering how a meranda class can fight a battleship one on one.
There haven't been any changes since open beta (except the starter gear which I protest) where kdf were losing t2 all the time except the introduction of new players. You are seriously underestimating the complexity of the game I think.

t1 klingons cannot cloak in battle, but there is at least one other way they can vanish from your sensors and if they have THAT, you're probably facing a skilled opponent.

The big difference really is that these guys probably know what skills to use. If they have engineering team and hazard emitters... they pop those and have ... 40% damage resists for 15 seconds AND shield and hull regen?

There are just so many ways to go about it in this game. As you play you'll start to see what I mean.