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02-03-2010, 12:14 PM
Originally Posted by Aris
I read in another thread that the Best Buy tribble gives an hour long buff to regeneration, damage resistance, and damage. If so, that's pretty useful. I opted not to go to Best Buy, though, so I can't personally say that this is true.
Originally Posted by Sherwood
When I tried my Best Buy Pre-order tribble last night, it was similar to the ones in the game I encountered in open-beta. It does not follow you around, it sits in your inventory and you can pet it. Except it doesn't heal, it gives you a buff. Now I never ran into the buff tribbles in beta, all the ones I had drop or had multiply were all heal ones, so I don't know how the buff ones that you can get that way work. The pre-order one buffs 3 things and lasts for an hour. I'll check tonight when I get home and see what exactly it buffs, I can't remember right now.

Edit - I just saw Aris' post and those three do sound like what was getting buffed with mine.
I got one and that is pretty much the difference. The regular tribbles you find in game activated out-of-combat and only heals your life. It has a small cooldown timer.

The Best Buy ones give you the hour-long buff to regen, damage, and damage resistance, so it is a pretty handy thing to have.

I still have to test out the Targ.