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02-03-2010, 12:18 PM
Starfleet command veteran right here.

Have beaten and still own Starfleet command 1, 2, & 3

I've also beaten and still own Armada 1 & 2

I find that Starfleet command was a way better experience then this MMO. I thought that sinc I had so much experience with Starfleet command, I would be curb stomping at this game.

HOWEVER, it is quite the opposite. The flight controls for this game are so damn cumbersome. I don't fully understand why they wouldn't be able to port the same controls that were used in starfleet command. Far too often am I barely surviving against the computer just because I am spending too much time fumbling on my keyboard just to get the ship moving in the right direction.

STO has the opposite approach to steering and firing then Starfleet Command. In SFC, the mouse was used to steer, and the keyboard was used for fire, and manage weapons. STO on the other hand uses the damn mouse for absolutely everything, and the keyboard is only good for steering. I definately prefer the vector approach to flying instead of this free hand manuevering.

I couldn't help but feeling that I would rather be playing SFC then this