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02-03-2010, 12:19 PM
Originally Posted by Sentan View Post
i never said that Fed should have the cannons what i am saying is there should be a delay less damage on the cannons or a limit of how many can be placed on ships, cause they are way overpowered
I really don't agree at all. Cannons have a narrow arc to fire with and that means if you get anywhere outside of that arc we can't do anything to you. Also we don't have nearly as many options for ships, so escort is what we get. In T2 we get 2 ships, Feds get what....9? I know it's really only 3 types but we really have an escort and a "Jack of all trades" BoP. Oh and the BoP is good at anything but not great at one thing (imo).
Also the dmg thing you point out in pvp, look at how many more heals the Feds had after a battle.