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02-03-2010, 01:23 PM
Originally Posted by Sentan View Post
It doesn't take much to take notice that all the Klingons are going to excort ships with max heavy cannons, sure you say its just part of the game. How many time you see 5 vs 5 in a battle and the Klingons have 5 kills and Feds have, not even one? I fly engineer in a cruiser because they are the best tank in game right? Why is it I can tank a level 19 dreadnaught, yet I can't even tank a Klingon with full cannon setup for mroe then 10 seconds, it appears he can uncloak and shoot and have me down to hull within 3-4 seconds, not evben enough time to use my abilities most of time and even then my abilities such as hull repair and shield repair do allmost nothing with the 3 cannons continuely hitting me..
It's really hard not to respond to posts like this with a L2P response, but I think the problem here is that you don't know how to choose and use BO abilities. You're doing it wrong.

Ever think about using RSP? Total immunity for 15 seconds. How about Jam Sensors, making you immune to one attacker for 9+seconds...and you can do that at level 1. If you're fighting a single Klink, you can be immune to him for almost 30 seconds. And this doesn't even take into account this is a team game....and you need to support teammates in order to win.