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02-03-2010, 12:26 PM
* A more detailed setup for the ST 2 - 6 uniforms. (Rank Options, maybe Service Pins, ect).

* A uniform setting for your ship. IE a default uniform setting, so your redshirts and background crew on the bridge don't look out of place.

* Being able to set and adjust your division color (for armor). Example: my XO was a science officer, on the ship she'd be in a red uniform, but on away missions her armor was blue.

* Picard's Season 5 jacket.

* The TNG Films Captain's Vest

* The TNG Movie Comm Badge on your DS9 Uniform

* Kirk's green wraparound

* The option to turn on (asthetic) kits for your awayteam members.

* Admiral uniform unlocks at level 41.

* More subtle liberated Borg options. (I get that these guys are basically an afterthought, but it'd be nice.)