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02-03-2010, 12:30 PM
Actually this is the Annual Former Subscriber Lure-Backô; I tried a 14-day trial about three years ago, and though I liked the space combat, I couldn't afford an MMO. Then February of the next year they sent me an email asking me to come back and see all the cool stuff they'd added (it was some tweaks and the TCG), and with more cash, I subb'ed up, after about a year, I saw another 'free month'. Lost interest in wandering around ghost towns, so I cancelled. Just got this year's 'please come back' email today.

TL;DR? SWG's 'come back for a month' is not coincided with STO's launch, but with February and IRL St. Valentine's Day - their 'Ewok Festival of Love' is the parallel in-game event.