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02-03-2010, 01:34 PM
Have you ever played Starfleet Command?

It can be considered the precurser to this game, and is very similar in the space faring, and space battles sense.

Anyways the controls in that game (series) are much better then STO. That series used the vector approach for steering, and also had a helm control that had options for high energy turns, instant stopping, adaptive follow target, irratic maneuvers, and maintain orbit.

Also, managing the ship as a whole was much more easier as well because each indiviual weapon can be sorted into a group, and controled from the keyboard. Each individual aspect of the ship had it's own interface (hailing, shieilds, shuttle bay, navigation, power, etc.)

These new controls are much to cumbersome, and take away from the actual fighting which is what you should be focusing on.

Hell even the simple option of being able to automatically follow your target would save me loads of keyboard fumbling.