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02-03-2010, 12:35 PM
Last night I finally got to the point where I could pick my first 'specialized' ship. I wanted to name it the same name as my Miranda class and it wouldn't let me (it kept closing out of the 'renaming' screen.

Just to see if this was a weirdo bug, I named my new ship with the same name as my Miranda, but added the number '2' after it. It did take the new name without a problem.

However, I then renamed my Miranda ship with the addition of the word 'Prime' after it's original name, hoping that I could go back to my new ship and rename it again, taking the number '2' from it's title. It wouldn't let me at all (the title of the ship became an unedittable field).

Not sure if this is a bug or just some kind of unknown (at least by me) rule where you can only rename a ship once every 'x' number of hours.

If anyone has seen an issue like this before, your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!