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02-03-2010, 12:36 PM
Originally Posted by carlitos_way View Post
Saying you were "assraped" by Cryptic is hardly "abusive" language...(especially when thousands of other people were apparently assraped by Cryptic in one way or another!)
Except the majority of "problems" said by those people, were due to their own misunderstanding, and failure to search the forum for dev posts/other players posts who explained processes in detail. Cryptic have come outright and said that their account server basically died last night, and thats the reason a lot of players had problems. The increased capacity to the servers and to the login server should help out a lot.

And yess, "assraped" is extremely abusive, no matter what context you use it in. I suggest you kerb the language before cryptic bans you. They are not like Blizzard. Cryptic come down on things liek that pretty heavily.