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02-03-2010, 12:44 PM
I can relate. I had a time getting used to the controls. I still slip up. Sometimes I'd get infuriated because the ship wasn't responding to commands and I'd be flying up to nowheresville some place while a battle was going on beneath me then I'd look down and realize I'm trying to control the ship in 2 different ways at once (the right mouse clicking steering method AND using the keyboard lol) But I more or less have it figured out now.

And like I said earlier, STO is more like flying a fighter than commanding a starship. But I do enjoy the game and its been a long time since I've been really excited by an mmo.
Well I seem to be doing nothing but slipping up. Even the simple controls of "follow target" or even reverse would save me tons of fumbling. All to often do I find myself pushing "Z" to fire weapons on preset 1, just to realize that my ship isn't firing any wepons.

I haven't gotten a handle on the controls yet. The only thing I manage to do now are flyby's. I fly by, unload an alpha strike, then concentrate on turning the damn ship around, then repeating these steps over and over. It's pathetic, and rudementary.

I guess there will be no more masterfull manuevering like I'm accostumed to. I was really looking forward to PvP, and curb stomping some of these other players. But with these new controls, I will probably avoid PvP like the plague