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02-03-2010, 01:57 PM
Originally Posted by theCorvus
Don't worry I am well versed in treknobabble and ordinary technobabble.

I am still miffed the Akira and Defiant are in the wrong order. The other way round would have been a lot less gamey. I prefer the Akira to the Defiant and none of the T5 escorts I have seen do anything for me, so I will probably be pimping a Defiant for a long time ....
I have to agree. If the Prometheus had it's MVAM then I'd crawl into it and never crawl out. The Cerberus is just a refit of the Prometheus that removed the MVAM. And the Cryptic Escorts, AKA the Dervish, look like junk.

But, I'm partial to the canon story around the Prometheus so I'll probably have one, although, it should have been the ship set with the extra Eng slot and not the Dervish/Hermes.