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02-03-2010, 01:37 PM
I believe it might be more than that, if he/she/it made it to level 16 and got past the Romulans (which is an ASSUMPTION on my part because i think they come before Hirogen, but its possible those missions were skipped), then the OP knows what he's doing.

And to continue guessing and risk being wrong i'm going to say that he is a tactical flying a cruiser though because of the overpowering of his shields that quickly. If thats the case, I might suggest getting that science officer up to snuff! Jam Sensors combined with your speed and jousting runs really might be a tactic to use. With the huge DPS burst dmg, and the difference in shield impact (forward shields on attack, rear shield impact on exit) he might be able to juggle dmg long enough to survive.