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02-03-2010, 02:02 PM
Seriously? You think that being completely invisible until you are ready to attack, until you have made doubly and tripply sure that you have every possible advantage, is in no way powerful?

What does it matter if you know the Klingons are there if you have no way to fight them other than curling into a ball of ships and waiting for them to make a move. You are still completely deprived of the ability to make any agressive moves or gain the initiative in the battle.

If all that fedearion can ever do is wait and react you don't call that a huge advantage for the Klingons? The only reason why Ambush tactics don't accomplish anything is because every federation player already knows that they have to stick to their team unless they want to die a thousand times.

If the game was balanced for Hide & Ambush vs. Run & Catch you wouldn't see every federation ship just hanging around the same spot because then there would be legitimate reason for federation captains to believe that they can go off in smaller teams.

That's the whole point of this. If you have a way to pick your fights and avoid the ones where losing is inevitable you have a HUGE advantage over someone who can't pick their fights, and can only watch as they get owned when they come across a fight they can't win.

Right now Klingons have TWO ways of picking their fights, speed and stealth, and federation has none. Since Stealth can't be given to the federation, the only way to give both factions a way to pick their fights is by giving the federation the speed advantage.