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02-03-2010, 03:03 PM
Originally Posted by Saladinbob View Post
Not up until now but now they seem pretty worthless given the aforementioned low skill point rewards. I started the game on the dot of Head Start and I've seen guys flying Galaxy Class Cruisers so how are they getting up the ladder faster than me? All I'm asking for is to know the quickest way to level up so that I can complete my current mission and proceed as normal again.

If anybody reading this is unable to provide an answer then don't bother replying. I'm sorry for my directness but this persistant prevaricating isn't helping me and I thought that's why this forum existed - for help?
You're truly hilarious!

"Oh no, i don't get the normal leveling, I don't understand how the XP's work, I guess it's very slow, please tell me the XP exploit all the others are using..."

Why didn't you ask the guys in the galaxy class??

And no, I won't tell you the exploit. And no, simply sitting in the Encounters isn't it.

What i'm gonna tell you is: If you continue to skip 50% of the content beacuse you don't understand how the leveling works, you will have to use the encounters up until rear admiral, because you will NEVER be able to "proceed normal again". You obviously didn't get the "normal proceeding", or else you wouldn't call the "normal proceeding" wrong. Meh, what do I care. Enjoy your "Deep Space encounter Online"...