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02-03-2010, 02:12 PM
Originally Posted by Rothnang
Lesson number two: If the enemy gets 15 kills before you get any youl lose.

Face it, being able to pick your fights is the single biggest advantage you can possibly have in an MMO. Klingons get two ways of picking their fights, federation gets none. If both have one its fair.
You do understand that your lesson is moot. If the Feds stick together than their chances of fighting off an alpha strike and getting those 15 kills increases. If you chase after a single BoP or any other opponent ship then the differences in engine statistics, power allocations and even computer performance for every single player increases the chances that you will be split off by a cloaked opponent. The question here is not that the Feds cant chase the oppoenent, its simply that they cannot afford to chase them. Think of 18th century naval combat, the big ships formed a line because it was the most prudent form of combat, getting split up or giving chase increased the chances of being surrounded by the enemy and sunk.