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02-03-2010, 03:16 PM
Originally Posted by Bergensheen
I bought STO on I did not see an activation code for the borg officer....where would that be located. Also where do I go to get this officer? Thanks.
Originally Posted by Lantesh View Post
The activation code is actually your retail key. I too bought from Amazon and all I had to do was enter my key into my account. After you do that, log into the game and go to the Cstore. You should see the option to claim your Borg officer and other goodies there.
You have to put in the retail copy of the CD. It will open up the STO page where you can input your activation key that is on the manual of the game. One you finish that online you can go ahead and cancel the setup process of the cd (Presuming you have STO installed from Open Beta or Headstart).

Then just open up STO like you normally would and you will notice that new patching will be occurring. That's your bonus content loading up.

I did the same thing since my GameStop version promises me a Constitution Class ship, Red Matter Capacitor, and uniforms from Star trek TNG the TV series.