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02-03-2010, 03:30 PM
Originally Posted by Meat_Machine
Well, star trek online was being developed by a different developer a year and a half ago. That developer was fired, and cryptic took the title and basically reused their work on champs online to make a quick and dirty startrek game.

The rumor is that publisher pressure made the release date what it is.

This is probably the least complete MMO I've seen that was touted as a serious title. I wonder seriously what the production value here is. How many man hours of content it has. That really is the bottom dollar.
Wrong, here's kind of what is going on based on what I've read.

Perpetual had like a 4-5 year license to make a Star Trek MMO, 2-3 years into it they went bankrupt and basically had nothing but some crappy concept art. It was vaporware. CBS was trying to get someone to take over the license, but wouldn't expand it past the original date of 4-5 years. Cryptic bought the license and agreed to make the STO game in the time left, so even if they wanted to delay, the first call would be CBS, then Atari, then Cryptic Execs in that order for who'd get to say yes/no. Cryptic has at least 2 layers of bean counters on top of their bean counters. So figure that one out. I'm pretty sure no one at Cryptic wanted to release an unfinished Klingon side, they just didn't really have a choice.