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02-03-2010, 03:33 PM
Originally Posted by SpaghettiMonster
Wrong, here's kind of what is going on based on what I've read.

Perpetual had like a 4-5 year license to make a Star Trek MMO, 2-3 years into it they went bankrupt and basically had nothing but some crappy concept art. It was vaporware. CBS was trying to get someone to take over the license, but wouldn't expand it past the original date of 4-5 years. Cryptic bought the license and agreed to make the STO game in the time left, so even if they wanted to delay, the first call would be CBS, then Atari, then Cryptic Execs in that order for who'd get to say yes/no. Cryptic has at least 2 layers of bean counters on top of their bean counters. So figure that one out. I'm pretty sure no one at Cryptic wanted to release an unfinished Klingon side, they just didn't really have a choice.
Now how is that not what I just said?

1) Previous developer fired
2) Publisher pressured release date
3) Game released unfinished due to circumstances

I bought a lifetime subscription btw, knowing all of this.

IMO a star trek license is basically a license to print money. I expect this thing to be a huge success, even though I'll be annoyed to hell at the nerfs that will make it playable for casuals.

I also expect it to be a lot of fun, and I expect to play a bunch of different captains and careers.

Am I being clear yet? I think people are so used to the tragic emo hateful whining they see it where it's not.

I was also one of the players that when asked, said "yes, put kdf in even if it's just the avatars, the station and their ships. We'll pvp until the first content release". I accept it as is.