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That. That right there is your mistake. You do not try and turn round. While you're waiting for the Klingons to decloak you have your engines at full power. As soon as that first enemy spot shows up on your sensors or that first sound of a cloaking device touches your ears you pound evasive like your life depends on it (it kind of does). You have a modicum of leeway if there's other escorts but if you're the only one you run.

At that point the initial alpha likely misses or if not does only medium damage. The Klingons suddenly find their target not only lived but is currently utterly out of weapon range entirely. Hopefully your friends and ally's now focus fire one or two down.

If you find yourself as the only escort. You mission is no longer damage. It is survival. You are bait.
+1. For those reading the above and disagreeing, there is what the 'problem' is. Escort drivers believe that they and they alone should be the one that wins the glory. Not the class, but the human player playing the game. I am not trying to make this a Fed vs Klingon thing because it is not, or at best only on the periphery of the reason what is the root of this issue. It has to do with wanting to capture that storybook James Kirk feeling of never loosing playing the Federation side. Lip service is paid to the 'team' concept of course, but it is never really truly believed, because that 'the Federation never looses' concept is ingrained from canon. Those that play the Klingon side, because of the mechanics of the game take a more realistic approach because those mechanics teach us to be that way. They literally force us to team and teach us that the fist is always mightier (and safer) than the finger.

Allow me to present a scenario to illustrate. Please note that I will be using you and your within the scenario which will be generic you and yours and do not mean you personally. Look at it honestly and try to imagine what you yourself would honestly do rather than what you wish you would do. You in an escort spawn in to Cracked Planet with another escort, and two cruisers with a science vessel. You are playing T2. Your team is not a pre-made, but not inexperienced as all are lvl 12-13. Your first reaction and practice from experience is to ball. This is sound defensive doctrine. Your second reaction is to form a team. Again sound doctrine as it allows you to trade information about what capabilities you and your teammates have. As you are pre-made and probably do not have access to some voice chat, you use the team text chat. Some time passes and you start getting nervous as you know the Klinks are out there but that damn cloak of theirs is more than annoying. You want to get it over with. Up to this point YOU are probably nodding your head saying 'yup that is me'. This is where it goes wrong and makes the point mentioned above. The Klinks de-cloak and alpha strike and it is YOU.

Now to illustrate my point; your first reaction upon hearing 'Warning. Shields Failing' as posted many times is NOT to run by hitting full power to engines and evasive maneuvers or bunker up with all power to shields, but to see what is shooting at you so you can turn and fight. How is this benefiting your TEAM? Have you made a pre-made text saying you are under attack to warn them? You know from painful experience that escorts are targeted first because not only they the 'easy' kills but they are also the class which can hurt the BoPs the quickest. Yet, knowing this your first reaction is not about your team or applying the knowledge you have learned from encounter after encounter but to do a Kirk/Rambo in turning to shoot down and win against all realistic odds.

The Klingon side on the other hand have been taught right from the beginning that the way to win is through the team. Cloak gives us a first strike advantage, and while our weapons are powerful yes, they are not ALL powerful. A lone BoP that jumps an escort can just about get that escort to a kill, but not quite. After that, it becomes a bank and weave melee which more times than not will result in the BoP loosing (not due to less maneuverability, but because of a weaker hull and bleedthrough damage). This teaches us to ALWAYS attack with pairs and groups. This further teaches us that our BoPs are indeed eggshells with a big gun.

Now let us reverse that scenario. In this case you are playing the Klingon. You have learned it is the team that wins not you personally. Your 5 man team is all cloaked and you have the same scenario as above with regards pre-made and text chat. In this scenario you do not face ANY escorts but 3 cruisers and 2 science ships. No easy kills here. This is where the script changes somewhat from the usual occurrence when playing as a Fed. That is not to say it ALWAYS happens because we too have our Rambos but is common enough to be relied upon (and where the TEAM can actually USE the Rambos to best effect as well). After waiting and observing for what seems forever, analyzing the Fed ball movement patterns and looking for ANY ***** or mistake, one Klingon, usually the best tank, will volunteer to de-cloak and be focus fired to allow the rest of the team to bag one hopefully two kills. He volunteers knowing that he has maybe a 10% chance of surviving as he needs to be focus fired by the complete fed ball in order to draw their attention to him and allow the team to attack opposite from him. De-cloaking alone will not cause the ball to react, but attacking one of those same ships will. This is why it illustrates that difference. I am not saying that that player is more noble blah blah, but that he has been taught that he alone does not win, but that the TEAM wins.

Same game, different equipment and a totally different mental mindset is what is illustrated above. Until that understanding of the mindset is acknowledged and applied to the game dynamics, calls for nerfs will never be taken seriously.