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02-03-2010, 02:44 PM
I'd say it is going to depend on your build.

Some skills taper off quickly and severely. Most of the very general, T1 skills do this. From 7 to 9 you gain 1% for 200 points. In the T2 skills you gain more for what you are spending but it applies to fewer abilities.

I've got a Science captain who is using lots of diverse skills. He's taken things to 7/9 at T1 because beyond that the payoff drops. He'll take some things to 4 or 5/9 later because that's where the break-point is. You can actually look in the training window at *what* the payoff is. Select the skill and it will tell you how many points each rank is worth in a smaller window the to the right side.

Figure out what you want to be good at and then figure out how to get the most efficient set of numbers for that.