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02-03-2010, 03:45 PM
Why are there all the counterpoints to these color arguments stated purely from the "I want my weapons to stay the color they are"?

If you want your weapons to stay the default color... fine... mission accomplished. Nobody is holding a gun to your head and making you change it.

If you don't want this option included then help the dev's out and your fellow players out by giving specific reasons why you feel it isn't "fair" or why it breaks canon (in a game where Klingon warriors drop Feline Supplement 24) instead of just talking about your intention to use or not use the feature.

Personally I like it... Because space combat is currently a little messed up and enemy ships often fly into places I cannot shoot them but they can shoot me, I like to know if my weapons are going off. My current UI settings (and having "fire all weapons" mapped to a mouse button) don't allow me to see the weapons cooldown happen and often my only cue is seeing my unique blue shots amid a sea of green and red.

I don't PvP so for me the only thing I get out of this current "feature" is the ability to get around a coding problem inherent in space combat.

I wouldn't mind it being something I have to purchase as an upgrade.