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Originally Posted by LawLessOne View Post
Supposedly there is an exception; At advanced levels you could find a BO with advanced skills and either replace your existing BO with him/her or use them to train this advanced skill to you BO.
Not just 'at advanced levels'. You can get uncommon (green) Bridge Officers with III skills as early as Lieutenant or Lieutenant Commander rank.

To the OP: here's what we mean by all this skill business. See, all bridge officer powers come in three varieties. Example - Tachyon Beam I, II, and III.

Normally you can only get Tachyon Beam I and II on an officer. If you're a Science captain yourself, you can train your Science officers in Tachyon Beam III.

But you can only use Tachyon Beam III if you're actually flying a Science vessel, because a Cruiser or Escort doesn't have slots for high-rank Science officers. And Tachyon Beam III needs a Lt. Commander slot to use.

So a Science captain in a Science ship can benefit from training and using those III-grade abilities.

But you can still get III-grade abilities on rare/uncommon officer drops.