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02-03-2010, 02:57 PM
Originally Posted by Hammerstorm
1) I'm not good with acronyms, not sure what RSP stands for
2) Evasive and engine battery have been tried. you're just pursued (with the same abilities) and killed. Not to mention it's a horrendous idea all around, because you're leaving the safety of the Fedball.
3) Won't help you unless you're a Cruiser and even then
4) Not a science vessel
5) Single target =! 4+ ships
6) Never run into viral matrix.
You don't even know what reverse shield polarity is? How can you even be having this conversation? Its only the single easiest power to completely nullify an alpha strike, and for that matter the "uber power" of cloak.

Jam Sensors I is a ensign science skill (you have a sci BO on your ship don't you?). Get one.

I'm sorry but I have played against many Fed groups in t2, and t3 that crispy fried us into a mush of Klingon space dust. What is your excuse?

I'm not even going to tell you about viral matrix. lol... man why are we even talking about this?