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02-03-2010, 04:02 PM
I don't knowhow this got from Akira to Defiant but here's my take on the Definat. Star Trek wasn't overly concerned with cannon for a very long time. Take for example, Miles O'Brian. He was an Ensign, a Lieutenant an Ensign again before being a Chief Petty Officer. It contradicted itself on many occasions. In DS9, it's stated that the Defiant's weapons are tied into an oversized Warp Core yet in another episode it states it uses Energy Cells, contradicting the earlier method of power. Hell, Voyager contridicts its own cannon in one episode where Torres states there will be a Warp Core breach and so needs to errect a containment field arround Engineering only for Janeway to say later in the same scene that a Warp Core breach should have destroyed the ship!

If you want a techno supposition, consider that the Defiant, unlike other "Cruiser" class vessels, had a comparatively small sick bay, had little room therefore accomodated a small crew, therefore needed little in the way of Life Support, had no Holodecks, Science Labs or elaborate crew quarters. Therefore, all the power that would go into those facilities where pumped directly into the weapons, allowing for a higher energy output.