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Originally Posted by nzdeathtoall View Post
While you are getting toward the right track you are quite a ways off with the WOW comparisons. This is from my limited understanding.

Think of an Escort as a Mage; glass cannon, miniscule shields and hull, and low crew for self repairs, but huge damage potential. You then add an Engineer captain to essentially have a mage with healing pots. Add a Tactical captain to further augment damage and maneuverability. Add a Science captain to give you some sort of crowd control (fleet support isn't really viable as your power levels etc are too low in an escort).

Think of a Cruiser as a Warrior; big and tough, massive hull. Add an engineer captain to make them a self repairing tank, though damage is low, kind of like a prot pally. Add a Tactical captain to make them dish out far more damage and have more maneuverability allowing you to take on the faster more agile ships, think of a Ret pally. Add a Science captain to add crowd control and fleet support to your forte, like hybridising a Druid really.

Think of a Science vessel as a Druid; bit of a jack of all trades through captain choice, huge shields. An engineer captain will make them more tanky, like using a feral spec Druid that can also drop into bear form or caster form to tank/heal when necessary, crowd control is also still strong. Add a Tactical captain to gain access to the sweet damage increasing abilities along with maneuverability bonuses etc, keeping competitive in fleet ops without losing your CC abilities and fleet support. Add a Science captain to truly become a supportive juggernaut, like having a tree spec'd druid that has all those funky scrolls that give other buffs, and can CC, and can drop into cat to supply minimal DPS.

Then you can further tailor the roles with Bridge Officer abilities and choices; you can make most ships do most anything you want though the general rule of thumb is:

Escort = DPS, low hull/shields/crew, little support abilities
Cruiser = Tank, massive hull/shields/crew, big repair abilities, medium support ability
Science = Support, low hull, large shield, big support abilities/healing

Then we further add station upgrades which can either focus you in one direction or further hybridise you with abilities you are lacking.
^ This is a much more detailed description of the idea I was trying to convey, thanks NZ!