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02-03-2010, 03:26 PM
Originally Posted by Hammerstorm
Klingons are immune to having terrible players?

Every match I've been in, we've teamed up. We've stuck together near the spawn point with our engines on like one quarter impulse? We kept it slow either way. There's -nothing- you can do to stop the alpha, and I've shot at a guy for around ten-fifteen seconds and his shields were just fine. Meanwhile, my shield goes down the toilet faster than an aborted fetus on prom night.
I assure you Klingons are not immune to terrible players. But for the most part the one's I've talked to and played with are very experienced with playing other MMO's.

Did you miss the part where I said some 5 man Fed teams roll my 5 man Klingon premade and other times 5 man Fed teams are a joke? Do you understand what this implies? We have the same ships, same players, same tactics, but one match we dominate and one we get squished...

That means one of your teams was better than the other. One was working together with better tactics than the other. One was better geared up than the other. Maybe you should be talking to them about how they are succeeding against Klingon premades instead of screaming nerf because you keep getting rolled.

Originally Posted by Capulet View Post
Ok... the acronyms what is PUG/PUGS
PUG = Pick Up Group, it means individuals entering a pvp match without first grouping.

Premade = A solid, well balanced, group usually using voice comms to respond faster in pvp.

RSP = Reverse Shield Polarity (it pwns)