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02-03-2010, 03:31 PM
I dont mind not having a "tank" specific role it forces your team to learn how to manage aggro in a different way. And you can conduse the enemy with switching off who is doing more damage to it so they keep switching targets and not killing any 1 person.
I have played Tac/cruiser Tac/escort and Eng/cruiser you definately have to alter your play style depending on ships skills etc and what types your teamates are.

As a Tact/Escort many times I have drawn the aggro of entire groups due to dps burst damage. This forcess me to either
A: run away/ around in circles drawing enemies after me so teammates can mop them up since they are not being fired at
B: have the science guy heal the crap outa me so I can stay in the battle and dish the damage
C: blow up and get back fast as possible while team is still alive to help out

Not having specific class/ship designated as tank can make for very different and interesting group dynamics and gameplay

How you play is ultimately up to you but there are many ways to get aggro off you without a specific skill which seems to be what you are after.

Happy hunting!