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02-03-2010, 03:51 PM
Originally Posted by Devoras_Serenitus View Post
The next logical question at hand, which is a huge debate, is wheter the rank III grade skill is more valuable then your captains skills and selcetion of vessel to compensate for the loss. Can I live with the lack of a rank III officer skills, and be dandy happy with the excellent combo of say a tactical captain and its amazing skills and say a cruiser vessel?

Although one can obtain these BO skills from other officers, it has been dully noted that no ship other then the specific class of the BO`s field has advanced enough consols to actually use the skill. BUT, is it nessecary when possible captain skills and starship can compensate?

Anyone with any informative input to the matter?
Not *YET* maybe when I get that far... damn work getting in the way of game time!