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02-03-2010, 05:17 PM
Originally Posted by Saladinbob View Post
I really need some help because I'm that frustraited with STO right now, I'm on the verge of calling it a night. Permenantly.

I've reached LC 6 and the only mission worth a damn (in terms of skill points) is to kill a group of Hirogen who are vastly overpowered for my ship. I cannot continue and griding PvE doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere in terms of leveling up so I can buy a better ship. So, could someone please tell me the best and quickest way to gain skill points as a Fed?
Stop playing solo all the time. This is an MMo and although you can solo all the time why do it?You are paying to play this and single player games are free. Exert some effort/social skills. Gameplay is way different with a good group . Although finding people with social skills can be a challenge. Might try to find a decent Fleet to join... uh with all the annoying little juvenile *******s these days in games that might be a challenge as well... I don't know what else to tell you....Try talking to starfleet... If you ever got in a decent group they might have told you that. Of course actually getting someone to even talk in a group might be a challenge as well.. Kids today can't read or speak ..let alone type on a computer keyboard....They only go to school to learn how to be haters of humanity. Sorry, my bad, I knew I should have never even responded to you.....