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02-03-2010, 05:30 PM
Originally Posted by Ashandarei
Efficient is not a +5 to your power levels. It's a +5 to the four stats in the trait - you can find them in the Starship Engineering skill tree. If that translated to +5 power level, then purchasing those skills would give you +52 base power to your systems. The amount of power it gives is based on a formula, where you get greater returns when you're at low power levels.

For the traits that affect power levels, you won't actually see the power bonus until you purchase one rank of the skill. It's something we're looking into.
I find that in general there is a lack of stat information on the Ship Info and Character Sheet. Our traits should show up on the character sheet regardless of if we spent points in the ability or not. Additionally, it would be nice to see how these abilities and items translate to our ship...IE iif I equip phasers that increase my Crit Severity by x amount, I should see that on my ships stats page, but I don't. We also don't see how all the stats increase other things either. I bugged the Pre-Order Chromimum Armor becuase it wasn't updating the stats the on the Character page correctly.

It would be useful for us to know how these stats actually effect our abilities, ship, and equipment. x% of Crit doesn't use the same formula as +x Crit Serverity, so knowing what +20 crit serverity translates too would make it easier for us to determine builds and equipment.

I personnally would rather an information overload, than a lack of information. I know that is complicated, but exactly how much does +1 pt of Aux do for us? It is better than spending points in an Aux tree?....we don't really know because we have no idea what these numbers truely mean.

Just saying....