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I am an LC-3 and I just did the Explore the Arucanis Arm mission. All I got was 26 skill points at the end. Isn't it supposed to be more than that? I asked my fleet and they said it's because Cryptic reduced the XP you get from quests that are below your level, so people couldn't sit there and power-level on repeatables that were far below them.

While I understand that needed to be fixed, you should still get the full XP the *first* time you do a quest. Otherwise, what is the point to going through all the quests that I didn't do? Does this mean that, now that I am an LC-3, if I do Defend the Sirius Sector Block I'm going to not get the regular XP for it, but instead, like 20 or something? Because I never have even done it one time.

If I'm understanding this correctly then it would seem that this reduction of XP from lower-level quests actually encourages players to just go to wherever the highest level area they can get to is, and power-level there, then move on. It doesn't seem to limit power-levelers, it just seems to punish you for doing quests that are below your level, meaning that you could've got a lot more experience out of the same exact play-time had you done the quests in the proper order or whatever.

But I'm probably not understanding this correctly... am I?