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02-03-2010, 04:44 PM
ths may be a stupid question to many of you but...

im in situations where i go to a system and im automatically in a team... or im in a team with a friend or two and out of nowhere,two other people pop into the team wihout invitation. also, i have been the sole player to take down an enemy ship, yet the items awarded after its destruction are only available to a team-mate. why?

in the SOCIAL window, under TEAM SETTINGS, can anyone explain a few details of this configuration? im aware of a bt of this by common sense, but i dont assume to be correct. for those of you who know these settings, can you fill me in?

in the DEFAULT TEAM SETTINGS you have four categories with options. what exactly do they denote and what restrictions do they impose?

-Prompt On Creation
-Open Teams
-Allow Requests
-Closed Team
-Round Robin
-Free For All
-Need Or Greed
-Mater Looter
LOOT THRESHOLD: (does this LIMIT your LOOT? i.e. if COMMON is selected, will i NOT get uncommon-rare drops)
-Very Rare
-Open Teaming
-Allow Team Invites
-Block Team Invites

...again, im aware this may be a stupid question to those of you in the know, but humor me.