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02-03-2010, 04:51 PM
Originally Posted by JoelKatz View Post
The game will, by default, put out the maximum frame rate our rig is capable of, unless you enable VSync. If your hardware can't run at full tilt 24/7, you should limit your frame rate.

Personally, I hope the devs tweak this a bit. Running the system at full tilt all the time means that your video card and even CPU in some cases will thermally throttle, leaving no reserve for load bursts. It causes people to have to set their graphics settings lower than they would otherwise, just to have enough reserve for the rare cases where it's needed.
Tey probrably won't, and STO is not the only game to suffer this issue.

EvE Online also has a history of doing the same thing - simply turn vsync ON (by setting "interval one" in EvE's options) and the problem is fixed.

In STO, go into Video Options and turn on VSync - end of problem.Since Directx8, the built-in frame limiter has been disabled - and people run into this issue. You can turn it on in DXDiag and save the hassle in anything that uses DirectX - doing so is a little hard to find.

You can also do it in most vide card drivers as well - you're limited to your monitor's refresh rate, which is a small price to pay compared to a new video card, IMHO