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02-03-2010, 04:57 PM
Join Mode:

Open Team - If you are in a mission intance, other players not already in a team who are set to open teaming LFG mode will automatically be placed in your team and join you.

Allow Requests - Players may right-click you or your teammates to automatically join your team if it isn't full

Closed - No one may join the team without you inviting them.

Prompt on Creation - When you create a team, you'll be prompted to choose one of the above three settings.

Loot Mode:

Round Robin - Players take turns on looting.

Free for All - Any team member can loot any drop

Need or Greed - Haven't seen how this works in game, but the way this worked in WoW was that when loot was examined, you chose whether you needed the item, or not (ie, taking it would just be for greed's sake). Those who indicated they needed it would compete in a die roll to see who got it If no one indicates need, then everyone rolls for the item. Obviously this is only useful in a group of people you trust to be honest about their need or greed chioce.

Master Looter - Haven't seen how this works in game either, but basically only one player can loot or choose who gets loot. Be careful about joining pick-up groups with this mode set... it probably means the team leader is trying to shaft everyone else and take the loot for himself.

Threshold: This determines the level of tiems that are affected by the loot mode setting above. Anything below the setting is probably put on free-for-all by default... though I'm not sure exactly how this works as I haven't played with it.

LFG Mode:

Open Teaming - If you're not in a group when you enter a mission instance, the game will look for a group or player with open teaming that is also starting the mission for you and team you up automatically.

Allow Invites - You will not be automatically placed in groups as above, but you will still be able to receive invites from other players to join their group.

Block Invites - No automatic group joining, and players will not be able to invite you to their group.