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02-03-2010, 04:57 PM
Team join mode sets the default type of team you want to create when you invite someone to team up with you. Open teams means the game will automatically add other players into your team if they have open teaming enabled and are on the same mission. Allow requests will not let the system automatically add players to your team, but a player can manually send you a request to join your team. Closed team means nobody can join unless you invite them.

The looking for group mode is the other side of this equation... If you have it set to open teaming you will automatically join any other open teams or players that are on the same mission. If you have it set to allow invites someone can invite you but you won't be added automatically. Block invites will stop you from joining any team unless you request to join or create one yourself.

Here are the basics on loot modes:

Round Robin - Everyone gets a turn at looting, whatever drops on their turn is what they get, then it's the next person's turn.

Free for All - Everyone can loot everything, first come first serve.

Need or Greed - When an item is looted you decide whether you "need" the item, meaning you're actually going to equip it and have a use for it, or "greed" the item, saying that you don't need it but you'll take it to sell if nobody else wants it. After everyone on the team has picked need or greed the following happens:

If one or more people have picked Need, they all roll random numbers and the highest roll gets the item.

If, and only if, nobody picks Need, all the Greed team members roll in the same manner to determine who gets it. Rolling Need on an item you're not planning on using is generally frowned upon.

Master Looter - The team leader loots everything and (in theory) distributes loot as he sees fit among the team.

As for the loot threshold, basically that's saying what level of item you want to bother with any of the above. If it's set to common you use your chosen loot method on every drop. If it's set higher, like uncommon, then you only use your loot method on those drops and better, everything else is Free for All.