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02-03-2010, 05:16 PM
Originally Posted by Lysthis View Post
Quit hitting buttons like a monkey and try to play more stratigically...
There is no strategy in abilities that refresh in a few seconds... The player/boff skills yes, and timing torpedoes yes, but energy weapons are clearly for no other intent than spam spam spam... Saying anything other than that is either willful denial of reality, or simple ignorance of the way they work. There is no strategically viable application of them other than to have absolutely maximum saturation of effect, by which the only way to do that is of course to pound the buttons, seeing as auto-fire is woefully lazy in many cases compared to a user's input, and smashing space bar tends to cause weapons to interrupt each other which is in and of itself asinine, but an argument for another time.

If anything, the player controlling his weapons individually and manually is the arguably more strategic than the one letting the computer do it for them...