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02-03-2010, 06:56 PM
So far I hae bred from a single susilo (white):

-stahl (off-white)
-vitales (grey)
-sparkes (light-brown)
-dotson (brown)
-thompson (dark brown)
-tuffli (brown with light brown splotches)

Self-Damage Buff
-mccary (light brown with brown spots)
-jasperson (light brown with single brown stripe)
-cavallaro (grey with two black stripes)

Self-Regen Buff
-henry (brown with single light brown stripe)

I presume I am missing some. What would those be? And what is the appropriate price on some of the more rare Tribbles? I see them for 10,000 at the cheapest, but does anyone actually pay this much for them?