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02-03-2010, 06:15 PM
Not going to bother reading this all, so sorry in advance.

Terran Empire alternate universe female uniforms. *** DO THIS!!! ***
Pre-Federation ENT series uniforms, resemblent of the jumpsuit Archer wore.
Admiral long-coat uniforms, such as those worn by ingame admirals.
More long female hairstyles, including wavy long hair, a half ponytail, straight long hair.
More makeup styles, including darker lipstick hues , a light but noticeable eye liner [bold look] and more eyeshadow.
More Klingon uniform variety, across the board. Racially unique uniforms.
Romulan style forehead ridges. (On a side note, I'd like to see more Romulans NPC's with tatoo's, leading more towards Nero's quote [In my sig] as canon)
Sunglasses. (Eyewear)
Breathing mask. (Mouthwear)
Cigar/Cigarette (Mouthwear)
5 o'clock shadow/5 o'clock goatee (stubble)
Klingon sash.
A few more tattoos, including small, subtle ones like barcodes, residual Borg implants, small, triangular 'knicks'.
Hats, including a variety of military caps and military dress caps.