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02-03-2010, 06:21 PM
Originally Posted by sagaciouszzzz View Post
Out of curiosity have you encountered many science ships in your PvP battles? I fly mine into PvP sometimes, and I am normally the only one their. But the science ship's ability to detect cloak gives the feds some edge.
I acctually fly exclusively science ships, and I can tell you from experience that decloaking only works at between 2-3 km range, so it does absolutely nothing for you.

If a Klingon sees your fleet and decides he doesn't want to fight you, he just turns away and waits for his buddies while 20km away. No chance of being decloaked and killed there.

If a Klingon fleet decides to attack you, they come to within 5-10km, drop cloak and start picking off targets. No chance of being decloaked and killed here either.

Science ships do not give the federation an edge.

Furthermore, even if Science ships did provide a wide bubble of cloak detection for your fleet, like let's say 15km in every direction. It still wouldn't help you to go on the offensive, because Klingon ships are not only stealthy, they are also faster than federation ships, so they could still linger just outside detection range for however long they please without ever posing a target to you. Of course you'd have it a little easier to fight them than now if they had to cross a 5km threshhold to get to attack position while uncloaked, but on the overall, what matters in PvP isn't your HP or your damage or anything like that, it's your ability to pick fights, go on the offensive, gain innitiative and control the engagement. If you're not stealthy and you're not quick you can't do that.

It's kind of like those Gorn Augments you fight. Sure, if you just stand there they will pummel you into oblivion, but if you simply back off, and dance around them they go down eventually.